Industrial equipment monitoring

VCON enables you to collect, report and respond to data from your equipment

Monitoring your equipment creates transparency that will lead to greater efficiency and reliable service for your customer base.
Using VCON you can collect, report and respond to data from your devices and create more value for your customers.

VCON enables you to access the data in the following industries:

  • Agriculture - use IoT to monitor environment and keep track of water usage, harvesting equipment and other resources on the farms.
  • Construction - monitor high-value assets, organize congested job sites and reduce risk through the analysis of real-time and historical data.
  • Logistics - remotely manage fleets and reduce costs with generated data.
  • Manufacturing - introduce condition-based maintenance and process improvement opportunities backed by real data.
  • Mining; Oil & Gas - monitor pumps, equipment and analyse real-time or historic data.

Examples of equipment which can be monitored:

Industrial equipment monitoring benefits:

VCON offer benefits

Ready to go
Ready to go solution provided
Low risk
A low-risk implementation
Fast time to launch
Cost effcient
Minimal cost

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