Voice Control for device / appliance

VCON enables any electronic device (with a microcontroller inside) to be voice controlled

Businesses need to be where the consumers are and increasingly that means voice engagement. Brands that do not have a voice control enabled for their products are literally silent on the fastest growing technology platform today.

Consumers continue to flock toward voice technology in staggering numbers. This is demonstrated by the smart speakers adoption rates (Alexa / Echo and Google Home / Google Assistant) and ultimately showcases voice’s impact as a larger behavioral movement.

With nearly over 200 million households globally already adopting smartspeakers, and Canalys forecasting that the worldwide smart speaker installed base will exceed 500 million by 2023, organizations without a voice strategy are already being left behind.

The question for those businesses sitting on the sidelines no longer can be, “When should I start thinking about this?” but instead,
“What’s the best way to get started now?”


It is ideal for:

VCON offer benefits

Ready to go
Ready to go solution provided
Low risk
A low-risk implementation
Fast time to launch
Cost effcient
Minimal cost

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