VCON - cellular IoT connectivity module

Worldwide Cellular connectivity to AWS for any IoT device

Powered by BICS 'SIM for Things' and AWS IoT Cloud

VCON provides a ready-to-go and secure AWS IoT connectivity solution.
Simply power on the module to get it automatically register and connect to AWS IoT. Data reporting, remote device control, and fail-safe device software OTA are delivered out-of-the-box. VCON is able to reflash device MCU even if it is bricked, guaranteeing safety of operation and brand protection.

Ideal for:
1) Cellular connectivity for any IoT product
2) Retrofitting devices to make them Internet-connected and updatable

Ordinary module VCON
AWS Integration No Yes
Device provisioning Not implemented Yes, zero-touch
Networking logic on a Host MCU on VCON
Host MCU API AT commands JSON-RPC
Host MCU OTA update No Yes
Emergency remote control No Yes
diagram of vcon, host MCU, and AWS IoT

Cloud support

Private MQTT backend

Simple integration

No network programming required
Single-file drop-in client library

Host OTA

Update Host MCU via VCON
Bad firmware? Update again!

Any framework/IDE

Develop Host firmware
Using tools familiar to you


Write a function on your Host
Call it via a RESTful call

Device shadow/twin

AWS device shadow
Remote device control


Send data with MQTT.Pub
Receive data with MQTT.Sub

Voice control

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Hassle-free integration
VCON-MOD embedded hardware module
Docs user guide
VCON-EVAL evaluation board
Docs user guide