Implement remote firmware update

with VCON OTA shield

no changes to your firmware needed

Step 1

Wire an OTA shield to your board or device

Step 2

Configure network on the OTA shield

Step 3

Update your firmware using Web UI or API

Supported boards / microcontrollers

Shield for Arduino Nano

Mega328, 16MHz, 2k RAM, 32k flash

Shield for RaspberryPI Pico

2xCortexM0+, 133MHz, 264k RAM, 2M flash

Shield for Seeeduino XIAO

SAMD21 CortexM0+, 48MHz, 32k RAM, 256k flash

Shield for STM32 BluePill

STM32 CortexM3, 72MHz, 20k RAM, 128k flash

Shield for Arduino Uno

Mega328, 16MHz, 2k RAM, 32k flash

Shield for Arduino Pro Mini

Mega328, 16MHz, 2k RAM, 32k flash

Shield for Adafruit ItsyBitsyM4

SAMD51 CortexM4, 120MHz, 292k RAM, 512k flash

Shield for Adafruit ItsyBitsyM0

SAMD21 CortexM0+, 48MHz, 32k RAM, 256k flash

SparkFun Pro Micro RP2040

2xCortexM0+, 133MHz, 264k RAM, 16M flash

The easiest OTA firmware update

Missing an ability to update your devices?

Fearing that new firmware can hang or crash?

VCON solves both problems!

Device dashboard

You can update VCON modules remotely at any time using a secure device management console. Uploaded a broken firmware that crashes or hangs? Don't worry, you can reflash it in seconds! Supported firmware formats are .bin, .hex, .uf2.
The management dashboard with REST API allows you to monitor your fleet 24/7.
Arduino Nano 33 IoT
Remote communication

Remote communication

You can forward Serial port of your microcontroller/device to any MQTT or Websocket server of your choice. No need to write a single line of networking code. For example, you can send sensor data to AWS IoT simply by Serial.print(data)
Or, do you want to register your own custom management functions in the Arduino sketch, and call them remotely via the REST API? You can do that too. Yes, without a single line of networking code!

Ready-to-go recipes

Looking how to send your data to AWS Dynamo DB, or Firebase, or your private SQL database? Or how to send an SMS alert when sensor value get out of range?
Get a working recipe and tweak it for your needs!
Arduino Nano 33 IoT


Looking for a board with a pre-integrated OTA shield?
Here it is, VCON-D51. This board features a powerful SAMD51 micro, 4Mb QSPI flash, reset and user buttons, and user LED. The VCON module is on-board, so you can start developing and updating it remotely at instant. For development, you can use any SAMD51 environment - for example, Arduino IDE for Adafruit or Sparkfun SAMD51 boards.

Ideal for production - environmental sensing, equipment monitoring, where remote control and remote firmware update is required.

Arduino IDE compatible Yes
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Microcontroller ATSAMD51
Operating voltage 3.3V
Clock speed 120 MHz
Memory 192K RAM, 512k flash, 4M QSPI flash
Dimensions 21x41 mm
Buy VCON-D51
Arduino Nano 33 IoT

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