Connect any microcontroller online

⊳ Effortless device firmware update (OTA)

⊳ UART, RPC, BLE bridge

⊳ Private device management service

What is VCON

VCON is a framework to connect microcontrollers online.

It provides secure IoT connectivity, remote management, and OTA update. VCON consists of two parts:

⊳ a pre-built, ready-to-go firmware for ESP32 / ESP8266
⊳ a device management service, public or private

How it works

1. Wire

Wire your MCU to the ESP32:
UART for data, BOOT/RESET for OTA.

2. Flash & configure

Flash VCON firmware on ESP32.
Configure network and cloud auth.

3. Remote control & OTA

Update your MCU via cloud.
Exchange data via Websocket or REST.


Out-of-the-box firmware update (OTA)
Your microcontroller can be remotely updated by VCON module via cloud at any time.
No extra development is required.
Effortless remote control
Talk to your microcontroller's UART over Websocket, MQTT or REST.
Make minimal (or in some cases, zero) change to your microcontroller's firmware.
Ready-to-go management infrastructure
VCON framework is robust and tested on numerous live products.
Use it and concentrate on your product rather than spending time and money on developing an infrastructure.
Integration with 3rd party services
VCON module is able to talk to a 3rd party Web or MQTT services.
You can MQTT publish and subscribe to a MQTT service of your choice: AWS IoT, Google IoT, Microsoft Azure, or your own private server.
Our continuing support
You can rely on our continuing support. We maintain the service, answer questions, implement feature requests and fix issues.

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